Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Puzzle of Grandpops by Mark Williams (REVIEW)

The Puzzle of Grandpops

Author: Mark Williams
Category: Mystery/Crime
Suitable for: Teens and up
My Rating:  3.5 Stars
Format Read for Review: eBook read via Kindle App
Pages: 148

Description: A man inherits his grandfather’s mansion after his mysterious death. As he attempts to solve his grandpop’s murder he begins to suspect the staff’s involvement and a possible deeper conspiracy behind it all.

In Short: This book has an interesting plot. What starts off as a burglary and assault turns into murder and then evolves into something much larger. This mystery novel makes for a quick light read.

Pros: The story moves along quickly and smoothly as evidence is discovered and suspects revealed. I found myself drawn in and I devoured this book in one sitting. This book has a good plot with a lot of twists and turns. Just when you think they have discovered who the murderer is you realize there is much more to the story. The story is very fast paced with a lot of action. This book had some interesting details including this scene with a fish I found so humorous that it literally made me laugh out loud. I think this debut author shows a lot of potential and will write many good books.

Cons: This book has a number of grammar and syntax issues. There is some unusual phrasing that was occasionally confusing. Especially with the dialogue which was at times difficult to follow. If you are put off by grammar mistakes you may not enjoy this book. This author would benefit from an editor. 

Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of this book by the author for an honest review.

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