Monday, March 11, 2013

The Readoff

The reviewers here at O.D. Book Reviews have a little bet going on. Myself, O and my mom, D are competing to see who can read the most books this year. The loser will buy the winner a book of the winner's choice. I am currently in the lead but D is not far behind. Periodically throughout the year I will post our progress. Although you can't win anything from it you can play along with us and see if you can out read us both!

The rules for our little competition are:
The books must be at least 150 pages. Books under 150 can be added together to make one book. Books over 300 pages do not count as multiples. The cut off time is new year's eve. Once the clock strikes midnight and it becomes 2014 the game will be over and the winner decided! Check back in January, 2014 to find out who wins and the grand totals!

What you will find on this blog: We will be posting reviews on (most of) the books we read and occasionally sponsor book giveaways! I'm also hoping this blog will be a big success and feature some awesome guest bloggers!

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