Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fated by Alexandra Anthony (REVIEW)

Fated (The Vampire Destiny Series Book #1)

Author: Alexandra Anthony
Category: Erotica/Romance (Vampires)
Suitable for: Adults Only
My Rating: 1 Star
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 150

Description: A 28 year old psychic meets a vampire in a bar, she takes him home. They have sex many times.

In Short: This book has absolutely no plot and can easily be summed up in one short paragraph. *Spoilers* A couple of people meet at a bar and start a shag-a-thon. He leaves for a few days on a business trip and in this time she is so distraught she is nearly catatonic. Then he comes back and they have sex some more. The “bad guys” of the book, the vampire council summon them. They go see the council and have a little chat. Then they leave and the book is over. *end spoilers*

Pros: This book has no redeeming features. If you are looking for a book that is just sex with no plot you may enjoy this book.

Cons: This book has the most boring and uneventful plot. There is a lot of potential for plot but no follow through. The psychic never uses her powers for anything and the vampire is a sorry excuse for a vampire. In most vampire books you find a lot of danger and action but you wont find any of that in this book. This book is comprised of the same redundant sex scene repeated several times. Even to rate this as purely erotica with no plot the sex scenes themselves are still unimpressive and not worth reading. Their “love” happens at first sight. She brings him home after just meeting him at a bar and then has sex with him many times for many days. You never see the depth of their love and it seems like it is purely lust. The other characters in this book are incredibly annoying. Her vampire boyfriend and her friend are constantly arguing for no reason, making you hate both of them. The main character is overemotional and pathetic. The vampire though “hunky” speaks in Swedish half of the time so I didn’t know if what he was saying was even romantic or not, then I got to the end of the book and found a glossary. It turned out the Swedish bits were not romantic at all. He says things like, “I want to feel your mouth on my cock.” Romantic, isn’t he?  I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone and I don’t think it is even worth $1 or the time you will spend reading it. I honestly feel that all of the 5 star reviews on Amazon are a bit fishy especially with a lot of them being duplicated.

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