Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Immune by Richard Phillips (REVIEW)

Immune (Rho Agenda #2)

Author: Richard Phillips
Category: Sci Fi
Suitable for: Adults Only
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 613

Description: This book takes up right where first book in the series: The Second Ship leaves off. A Sci Fi tale set in modern day times where scientist have discovered a crashed alien space ship and are making the alien technology available for the public. This is a violent story of the people struggling to change the world and those trying to save it.

In Short: This book is the 2nd book of the Rho Agenda trilogy. In this installment the teens begin to accept their obligation to help humankind and encounter many difficulties in their efforts to take down the bad guys. You also see the global effects of the discoveries of the spaceships and the subsequent releasing of the alien technology to the public.

Pros: Like the first book it is very intelligently written and well researched. With the author’s knowledge of the topics in the book and the way everything is worded you can very easily imagine everything. I really enjoyed the advancement of the heroes abilities and they way they use their abilities. In the last part of the book the action really begins to heat up and left me excited to find out what happens next.

Cons: This book is much darker than the first and a bit depressing to read. Our heroes suffer a lot of unfortunate events and you get no emotional payout when things go right until nearly the end of the book. The book is very long and a lot of it involves global political issues, conspiracies and violence which I generally find boring. It wasn’t drawn out even though it was long because a lot was happening it just wasn’t events that I enjoyed reading about. I also didn’t like the recurring theme of the bad-guy psychopath rapist mostly because I felt that whole conflict was getting redundant. Though there are no actual rape scenes it is implied. If violence/gore/torture is a nonstarter for you, you should definitely avoid this series.(trigger warning)

Note that: This book is not a standalone book and unless you read the first one before picking up this one you will be missing out on a lot of story and be pretty lost. 

Parents Guide: This book contains adult content, violence, gore and torture. 

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