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For book review requests, promotions, giveaways etc contact me at: 
ODbookreviews [at] gmail [dot] com

You can put "promo" in the subject line to grab my attention.

Banner Ad:

I sell ad space with a width of 300 px.

Current prices: $4/month for the best position (directly below the "follow by e-mail") or $3/month for spaces under the "Guest Posts" list.

The ads are created with simple image links that direct traffic right to your book on Amazon without being hidden by add-ons like AdBlock.

Bonus: If you purchase ad space I will also give your book some additional shout-outs and promotion for free based on my availability.

Advertisements will look roughly this big:

Free Retweets to All My Followers on Twitter: 

Getting RTs from me is easy and free. If you use twitter and would like me to retweet your tweet promoting your book just mention me by including @ODbookreviews in the tweet. In order to get the retweet from me, you must be following me, and the tweet must be clean. I will retweet for you more than once. The number of times I will retweet for any one account in a single day is limited to what I feel comfortable with (I will not retweet the same tweet many times in one day for example). Don't forget to mention me in the tweet so I can find it easily and retweet it for you.

Find me on twitter here:

No direct message please, it's hard to filter through all the Twitter spam. E-mail is my preferred contact method if you would like to get in touch with me.

Sponsored Tweets:

I will Tweet promotional tweets for your books/sites/events/amazon-links daily for a small fee. I will tweet once a day during the most peak hour (unless a different time is specified).

You can create your own tweet for me to use or we can create one together that suits your needs. E-mail me at odbookreviews (at) gmail (dot) com to get started.

The fees are simple: $1 per week + $0.50 per campaign of any length.
1 Week of Sponsored Tweets = $1.50
2 Weeks of Sponsored Tweets = $2.50
3 Weeks of Sponsored Tweets = $3.50
4 Weeks of Sponsored Tweets = $4.50
6 Weeks of Sponsored Tweets = $6.50

Use this service when you are running an event and want to get more exposure for it! Paid services come with additional random promotions.

Giveaway Contests:

I host giveaway contests for your books for free on my blog. If you would like me to organize and host a contest for you feel free to e-mail me letting me know what you would like to giveaway. You will need to offer up at least 1 e-book or print book for a winner, but the more prizes/winners the more successful the contest may be. I take care of everything all you will need to do is send your book to the winner at the end of the contest.

I do the contest through rafflecopter and participants gain entries by following your social media, visiting your site(s), following you on goodreads and so on. Let me know any additional actions you would like the participants to do as well.

View an example of a past contest here.

Also, if you are doing a goodreads giveaway, let me know about it and I will help you spread the word.

Guest Posts:

If you would like to post a guest post on the blog (free for authors), e-mail me. Posts must be clean but can be on any topic that you think will help promote your book(s). The post must be an original for the blog (no self-plagiarizing), unless it is a book spotlight. I cannot accept posts that have already been put on other blogs, because it may appear to others that I have stolen content from their site(s).

Kindle Scout Vote:

I will nominate your Kindle Scout book for free, just e-mail a link and I will vote for it.

Book of the Month:

The Book of the Month is a promotion that cannot be purchased. Each month I choose a book I have read and reviewed that I felt was particularly good, special and memorable. I do not take suggestions for the Book of the Month. Book of the Month is a great honor, here are some past winners:

(Images are Amazon Affiliate links. Find out more about these books on Amazon by clicking on the book covers:)

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