Reviewing Policy

If you are interested in having your book reviewed please read this page for more info and then contact me at: ODbookreviews (at) gmail (dot) com. You may also e-mail me for guest posts etc. View promotional options here.

My reading queue is over 2 years long and my shortlist is 6+ months. 

  • I can not guarantee that I will review your book. 
  • I read at least 40 pages before giving up on a book. 
  • I cannot promise a positive review in exchange for a review copy. 
  • When reviewing books I try not to rate based on personal feelings and instead analyze the good and bad features of the book. For example I wont knock off a star for gore just because I don't like gore, but I will knock off some rating for a weak plot or poor character development. 
  • I do not review books I haven't fully read but I also do not review every book that I have fully read. 
  • I don't knock off rating for minor spelling and grammar issues only frequent ones. 
  • We accept the following formats: kindle, e-books, .mobi, .epub, paperbacks and hardbacks. I can accept PDFs but I do not prefer them because they don't display as well on my device.
  • Signed physical copies get bumped to the shortlist. E-mail me for our mailing address and if you include a digital copy of the book in the e-mail I can jump on it quicker. Authors who go this extra mile while submitting their book get priority reading. I'm planning to create a new background for the blog using the signed copies I receive!    
  • I will never share or reproduce your book. It will only be downloaded onto O's and D's devices. 
  • I receive a lot of submissions so you may have to wait a while for your review. You may experience a long wait on the e-mail response as well. 
  • I do not mind if you attach your book to the review request e-mail. 

Guest bloggers:
If you would like to post a guest post on our blog to help promote your site feel free to contact me. I retain to the right to edit your article and change any spelling, grammar or foul language before posting. I only edit when necessary. I will format it, add images and links and make it snazzy for you. 

If you would like me to host a giveaway contest for your book feel free to e-mail me. I do month-long giveaway contests with lots of coverage for your book(s) and sites. I use rafflecopter and participants gain entries by visiting/following your various sites and social media.

5-Star System:
5 Stars = AWESOME! Go read it now!
4 Stars = Very good book!
3 Stars = Liked it, has potential
2 Stars = Didn't care for it, flawed
1 Star = Not worth reading.


O's favorite genres (in no particular order) Bold genre's see a quicker turnaround on reviews (file format: MOBI or EPUB):
  • Mystery/Cozy Mystery
  • Supernatural/Paranormal
  • Time Travel/Magic/Fantasy/Superheroes
  • Science Fiction 
  • Scary/Thriller/Horror/Ghosts
  • Historical Fictions/Historical Romance
  • Dystopian/Zombies
  • Humor
  • Graphic Novels/Comics
  • Short Stories
  • Illustrated Children's Books
O doesn't read:
  • Due to the high volume of requests we are not currently accepting any more contemporary romance novels
  • Westerns
  • Racism/sexism
  • Sports 
  • Politics/War
  • Non-fiction
  • Biography/Memoir
  • Erotica
  • Poetry
  • Cliffhanger endings.
  • Really, really SAD books (I'll only accept sadness in moderation)
  • In order to distribute my time fairly among authors I cannot accept any super long books. 

D's favorite genres (file format: MOBI):
  • Cozy Mystery and Mystery!
  • Ghost Stories!
  • Short Stories
  • Historical non-fiction/fictions
  • Health/Wellness/Self Help
  • Scary/Suspense (no gore)
  • Arts/Crafts/Home
  • Christian Books
D doesn't read:
  • Romance/erotica
  • Chick Lit
  • Slashers/Gorey books
  • Sports books
  • Politics/War
  • Lots of swearing
  • Cliffhanger endings

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