Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Novel: Runaway by Michelle Areaux

Exciting news! Today, Apr. 28, 2016 the novel Runaway by Michelle Areaux is being released. Below is a sneak peak of this new novel.

Excerpt provided by the author, Michelle Areaux of "Runaway"

My life ended when I was seventeen years old with four simple words:  “Do you trust me?”

Those four words compiled together still send my mind into an instant craze. It was those four words that violently took me away from my comfortable known existence and into a life of hiding.  What was I to do? I was only seventeen years old and had no other way out than to trust him. But could I trust him? Sure, Jackson was my best friend. He was the undeniably gorgeous boy who I had spent my entire life with, the one person I trusted more than anyone else. 

 “Do you trust me?”  Jackson asked again, this time with a slight hint of frustration in his normally smooth voice. His sparkling hazel eyes smothered me as he kept his anxious gaze on my bewildered face. Everything around me seemed to spin, as if I were spiraling into some strange world. The world around me became a blur as I became paralyzed by fear.

Nodding, I found myself unable to open my mouth and utter a single word. He pushed away the loose strands of hair that had fallen over his eyes revealing a slight wrinkle over his brow. He was as scared as I was, but he was too stubborn to admit it. Knowing Jackson, he would rather scream on the inside than tell me he was unsure of what he was about to do.

Let me back up for just a minute. My name is Hallie Romano and I am now a seventeen year old runaway. This sudden change of occupation, for lack of a better term, was totally not my choice. I swear. I mean, I had a very, very comfortable life back home in New York City. It’s not that I am angry and am trying to make some insane and bold statement. No, it’s not that I am some rebel or poverty stricken mess. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. As the daughter of the CEO of the nation’s largest Insurance ‘giant,’ I was feared and envied; something I absolutely loved. Mine and Jackson’s lives were like something out of Gatsby or a Kardashian episode. We parties, shopped, and gossiped without any cares. We had money, lots of money, and we didn’t care where it came from. All we knew was that we were the elite of our upscale New York City prep school. 

But last night something happened to me and my friend Jackson that I cannot explain just yet. This event was so major, so completely and totally twisted that I had no other choice than to allow Jackson to take me into his care.

I was given the choice: take my own life or allow them to take it for me. So, I decided to fight and use every ounce of strength I could find in my body.  As I closed my eyes, the events replayed in my mind like a terrifying nightmare I couldn’t escape from…

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