Monday, April 25, 2016

The Iron Web - Discovery (REVIEW)

The Iron Web - Discovery

Author:  Kristin Ravelle
Category: YA/NA Paranormal
Suitable for: Young teens+
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 165

Description: Bryn is a 21 year old woman who lives in Penrith England. She is a very inquisitive person who doesn't go with the mainstream and instead questions the OED that controls all adult's lives. Her questions lead her into ancient texts, hidden passages in old British buildings and eventually to the horrible truth about the OED's activities. Using her control of light she must battle her way to safety.

In Short: This quick to read novella has some really great, fresh ideas. The characters use old magic in unique ways. I would describe it as Earth Magic vs. Sci-Fi. Set in a futuristic, technologically advanced world the characters use ancient knowledge and power to conspire against the regime. This first novella in the series focuses on showing us this unique world and the cast of characters.

Pros: This is a truly unique idea and blend of genres. The main character is written to be very relatable which makes it easy to become one with her story. The blossoming love story is exciting. The pacing of the novel is fast and fun. The technologies and magics are very unique and creative ideas. I really like the way the protagonist uses "light magic" and how she explains it works. The "talking through trees" magic is really interesting as well. The character development is good, especially for a novella. This book does kick off the series well, making me curious to see what will happen in the next stage of their journey. If you like the idea of a paranormal ya series set in a dystopian UK definitely check this one out.

Cons: My only tiny little issue was where it had ended. I wish the characters would have arrived at their first stop, not gone in, but just arrived at the gate before it ended. I know in the next book they will arrive and their adventure will really kick off and I would definitely like to read that. Like many novellas this book only has Act 1 and 2. Exposition and a call to adventure with the major climax and resolution occurring in a later book in the series.

Parent's Guide: This book is pretty clean. No violence, no sex. The language is mild.

I was given a free copy of this book in return for my honest review. 

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  1. Thanks so much for your thorough review O.D.! I appreciate you taking the time and considering various aspects of the story. I'm really excited about book II as Bryn, Curran, and Elain have to find the mythical Dinas Afaraon in the Snowdonia hills where they will discover new details to help them in fighting One Earth Dynamic. Have a great week!