Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Guest Post with Jeff Chapman

Hello everyone! Today I am thrilled to welcome Jeff Chapman to the blog for a guest post. I am so psyched that he has agreed to share the inspiration for his marvelously creepy books: Last Request - A Victorian Gothic and Give Me Your Teeth - A Fae Tale 

Sometimes story ideas come to a writer fully formed--an intriguing incident paired with an exciting climax. When those kinds of ideas shoot out of your subconscious, you fall to your knees and thank the muses. More often, a writer starts with an interesting premise which grows into a story as the what if questions are answered.

Fear is a great place to start for any story idea. If being buried in a cramped box under six feet of dirt doesn't terrify you, nothing will. In the nineteenth century, before embalming became common practice and medical science could distinguish between a dead patient and a comatose one, a premature burial was not out of the question. The theme looms large in several of Edgar Allan Poe's stories, including "The Premature Burial" and "The Fall of the House of Usher." If a character fears a premature burial, how will that character make certain their death? I figure beheading removes all doubt. Combining my love of Gothic literature with the beheading premise, I built the story for Last Request, adding a plucky, though naive, heroine and a very odd sextant.

You won't find many Tooth Fairy stories on Amazon. The poor fairy doesn't receive much serious attention as a fantasy character. Everyone learns the Tooth Fairy is really their mother or father and all those little teeth find a resting place in the bottom of the trash. It's sad many people treat the Tooth Fairy as a joke because I see a lot of potential. What would happen if we reverse the joke. What if someone's mother really is a Tooth Fairy? And what if the Tooth Fairy keeps all those teeth where teeth belong? Give Me Your Teeth builds on those questions and explores a mother's unique solution to combating a bully terrorizing her son. You should never cross a fae where its children are concerned.

Special thanks to O. D. Book Reviews for the guest posting opportunity and for featuring two of my titles in this month's giveaway

Thank you for joining us on the blog today, Jeff Chapman. What shocking and creative inspirations! If you guys found that as interesting as I did good news, you can buy these books for just $0.99 on Amazon. Or if you have Kindle Unlimited they are free! You can even win these books in this contest until May 31st. 

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