Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Reading List

Here is an updated list of books in my reading queue (not totally in order). First part of the list with more detail on the books can be found here. Find some great deals below many of these books are free with Kindle Unlimited, under $3, only $0.99 or free.


Spying on the Boss by Janet Lee Nye - Currently reading and loving it!

Steal Me by India R Adams - Currently available for preorder price of $0.99

Black Waters by India R Adams - Snag it for $0.99


Last Request a Victorian Gothic by Jeff Chapman - Free with Kindle Unlimited or just $0.99

Give Me Your Teeth: A Fae Tale by Jeff Chapman Free with Kindle Unlimited or just $0.99

Sixpence and Rye and a Snake in my Pie by Jeff Chapman - FREE


Cold Feet Fever by Maureen Fisher

The Zarion Saving Mankind by G.E. Grace - Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Bleak: The First Mission by Ian Martyn - Short story prequel. Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Bleak: The Story of a Shapeshifter by Ian Martyn - Free with Kindle Unlimited.


The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith - Free with Kindle Unlimited or just $1.99

The Whisper Trilogy by Dana Faletti - Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Enthralled by D. Ryan Gish


A Minor Happy Ending by Shaan Ranae

Murder in Absentia by Assaph Mehr - Free with Kindle Unlimited

The Rules Series by Hanleigh Bradley 


The Cain Children by Brett Lane

Inside Out by Jack Kearney

A Long Journey - The Adventure Begins by Kate Merchant - Free with Kindle Unlimited


Seven of I: The Keeper of the Words by Valerie Ryan

Rhuna Star Child by Barbara Underwood 

The Death of Anyone by D.J. Swykert - $0.99


Your Soul Was Made for Mine by C. L. Hunter

Coming Darkness by Susan Alia Terry - Free with Kindle Unlimited

Put Away Your Phone by Tracy Bryan - $2.99 children's book


The Rishis: Book of Secrets by Robert Delgado

The Owl Goddess by Jenny Twist - Free with Kindle Unlimited

Tee for Two by Sybill Powell - Free with Kindle Unlimited


Garage Band: The Legend of Dookie Harris by Michael Tavon - Free with Kindle Unlimited

From a Cold Dark Place by Michael Tavon - Free with Kindle Unlimited

Love and Other Things by Michael Tavon, Woe's 89 -  Free with Kindle Unlimited

Gravity Games by John Matsui

Genius Biographies by Ankesh Kothari

Stay tuned for the reviews and let me know what you are reading!

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