Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween + New Horror Release

Happy Halloween!

Released today, 

by: Lindsey Williams, Katherine Bryant, Bartholomew Aloiscious, R.G. Westerman, Stacy Overby, Juliet Meredith, T.S. Dickerson, Sarah Buhrman, Nelda Kai Dahl 

A brand new horror anthology starring female protagonists.

Full description off Amazon:

The world is full of horrors if you’re a woman. Vengeful spirits, crazy cowboys, homicidal hillbillies, the grossest case of post-partum depression ever, possessed stuffed animals, and a demented Poseidon – to name a few. So what’s a girl to do?

Well, get this book for starters. Then try not to lose your marbles (or your lunch) as you go about your business after reading some of the most mind-bending horror around. Then you can share all the gory details with your fellow horror fans, if you think they can handle it.

Just remember, always keep it Twisted.

This tragic tome includes 13 tales of terror from some of the hottest new names in the game:

Fountain of Youth
Rancho Viejo
Bringing Baby Home
Scavenger Hunt
Taste So Good
Blackpool Quarry
The Spectre
Karma Incarnate
Freeze Burned
Mirror Mirror
A Strange End

*Not for readers under 18*

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cover Reveal and Upcoming Release Announcement - New Love & Ink novel

(Book 4 of the Love & Ink Series)

An erotic/BDSM novel by J.A. Howell

Available for pre-order now, it will be released in just a few days on Nov. 3rd!

Darren never loved anyone like he did, Ash. But Ash was ancient history after she disappeared without a trace. At least that was what he thought until she shows up one day at The Knotted Kneedle.

Suddenly, those old feelings from before... before he was a Dom, before he was anything, come rushing back. The only problem. Ash is engaged and has no interest in rehashing their past and bringing up all the old, painful memories that come along with it.

Unfortunately for her, Darren has never been one to take no for an answer. Not when it comes to the only woman he ever saw a future with. He still loves her and wants her back despite the pain of the past and everything her disappearance caused.

But will Darren's persistence come with reward? a second chance at love? Or will it end the same way it did before... and leave him with an ache he can't ever fulfill?

Friday, October 28, 2016

275+ Halloween Jokes (REVIEW)

275+ Halloween Jokes

Author: Johnny B. Laughing
Category: Children's Joke Book
Suitable for: All ages
My Rating: 3 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 55

            This is a joke book for kids that contains 275 Halloween themed jokes. They are broken up into categories: Monsters, Frankenstein, Vampires, Ghosts, and Witches. The jokes are mostly puns. Some of the jokes are cute or funny but many of them aren't very funny or don't make sense. There are only a few grammar errors and repeat jokes. I found this book for free and I think it's worth getting for your kid to see if they will like it and maybe like the humor of the author who has many other joke books as well. Children who love pun style jokes will probably like this book. If you check the Amazon listing you can read a few sample jokes. I'll include an Amazon affiliate link at the bottom of this post so that you can see the current price and find more information on Amazon. Overall I think the jokes in the book are hit or miss and children will probably have mixed opinions of them. The jokes are clean and in my opinion safe for all ages.

I'll post examples of a joke I liked and another one I didn't like to give you a feel for the overall style of the book.

"Q: What is big and hairy and goes beep, beep, beep?
A: A monster in a traffic jam."

"Q: What is a monster's favorite society?
A: Consumer's Association."

Don't forget there is still time to enter our Halloween Giveaway Contest to win tons of wonderful prizes! 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Writing about WWII in Italy by Ian Lahey (GUEST POST)

Welcome to the blog, author Ian Lahey!

Writing about WWII in Italy

When my dad, Michael Lahey, set out to collect information about the Allied forces landing in Anzio, and their struggling north towards Rome, he quickly realized two things: The first thing was that reading a history book just isn't enough. You have to visit the place, breathe the air, touch the rocks and speak to the people, especially the latter, to really understand what happened around these places. The other thing he realized is you just can't dig into the Italian past looking for war history without a whole lot of other history turning up as well.

It's...well, it's intoxicating.

The fact is that you can't dig a hole in Italy, or drop a bomb if you're in that kind of a conundrum, without getting involved in archaeology. Chances are you'll run into stuff like Roman houses, Celtic cups and especially the burial sites of the Etruscans - one of the world's most mysterious populations - and probably spend a lot of time researching the wrong century, simply because it's all so interconnected.

Once you've shaken that off, go and interview the people who were there during the war. Now, seventy-two years after the Anzio Landings, you'll find very few direct witnesses, but, and I forgot to tell you this, my dad started his research back in the 80s, when I was just a moody teenager.
Speaking to the Italians about their memories of war required making friends, and that brought along a whole new area of discovery, mainly situated around the dinner table. Heck, do I remember some of those meals!

Most of Italy's long and wonderful history has left some trace of its passing in the country's immense culinary culture, and what isn't in the recipes you'll find in the wines.

Sweet wines, stark, unforgiving wines, wines that bear names otherwise lost in modern Italian language, and wines which will whisper to your soul and may even draw tears.

When we wrote Jim's story, we just had to take into account this overwhelming cultural tsunami which could not wash past him without changing him.

That is why, when he is finally reached by his nephew, Robert, Jim feels the urge to let him experience the same. He knows he's been changed and needs Robert to change too - to absorb the culture - before he can be told the full truth.

The result was a story of one war which took place in a land of many wars, of mines and other dangerous things buried underground but also in people's hearts, and of mysteries, some jealously kept by a hardened veteran, others lurking in the cold darkness of an Etruscan tomb.

Description from Amazon:

A Christmas card from Italy arrived on Robert Svenson’s desk. There was no return address, but when Bob opened the card, it was signed by his uncle, James Savorski. Nice, except for the fact that Uncle Jim was declared MIA back in ’44. Forty years later he’s sending solid gold Etruscan amulets for Christmas presents? Bob resolved to travel to Italy to see if he could find his long lost uncle.
How does one find a dead man in Italy without knowing the language or having an address? All Bob knew was that losing his luggage and his money the first night in Rome didn’t help. Then he found himself picking his way through a minefield of old scars and memories of war.
Along the way he journeys through Italy’s art and its incredible archaelological treasures, its history and people. A tale of war and mines and other things buried underground and even deeper—in the hearts of those who lived those years.

About the Author:

Ian Lahey teaches English Language and Literature in Italy. An incessant traveler, he has visited the country from coast to coast (which doesn't take much), and from head to toe (which is somewhat longer).
Florence, Naples, Rome, and then Venice, Verona and Genoa are his second homes but he will never admit this in the presence of a tax agent. Although he's visited many times he never tires of them and of the stories, both ancient and modern, which these places tell.

These stories he re-tells, sometimes as they were, other times hidden beneath the veil of imagination and scientific speculation, but always with a good sprinkle of humor. 
He can often be spotted taking long walks with his wife around his hometown near Udine, and can be easily wiled with offerings of fresh beer or Dr. Who marathons.

You can connect with Ian Lahey via Twitter @ian_lahey or his author website:

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Release Announcement - Ghosts of Fire

Recently Released:

Collection by various authors. 

Description off Amazon: 

From USA Today, Amazon bestselling, and popular science fiction and fantasy authors comes Ghosts of Fire, a supernatural anthology of ten thrilling tales. Meet paranormal detectives, imprisoned dragons, dark demons, cursed jewels, and handsome prophets. Explore shifting realms trapped in mirrors and a disturbing future where a president aims to rid the world of Otherkind. Ghosts of Fire is the third, long-awaited Elements story collection from the dynamic and inventive Untethered Realms group.

"The Flaming Emerald" by Jeff Chapman: When Orville finds an emerald in a pawnshop, Jimmy suspects there's trouble ahead, which is precisely what they encounter, trouble of a very weird and supernatural kind. Will they rid themselves of the cursed jewel before the flames scorch them? This is another story in Chapman's Huckster Tales series.

"The Cost of Greatness" by Meradeth Houston: The newly elected President swears that he will rid the country of Otherkind, no matter the cost. When violence breaks out, one question must be answered: what is the cost of peace?

"On Day 168" by Cherie Reich: For 168 days, a dragon imprisoned Astryd in his cave, but the chieftain's daughter has escaped to discover the dragon may not be her only enemy. This story takes place several hundred years before Reich's series The Fate Challenges.

"The Vagaries of Eloise Stanton" by M. Pax: Lucy's family disappeared when she was a child, lost in a world of mirror. No one believed her, yet the reflections of her family's faces haunt her, plead with her for rescue. On the verge of at last being reunited, Lucy must battle the cruel woman, who isn't quite human, standing as a barrier between the two realms.

"Mind the Gap" by Gwen Gardner: Carl James wants to impress the lovely Detective Inspector Madison Perry by helping her catch an international art thief. Little does he know how his world will change when he steps through the ancient standing stones and finds himself an unintentional Gap Walker.

"Ryan" by Misha Gerrick: As the oldest griffon in existence, nothing thrills Ryan more than hunting down Aleria, the most powerful phoenix alive. But when the blitz traps both immortals in a struggle for life and death, he discovers she might be more than his prey. She might be his salvation. Ryan and Aleria's stories continue in Endless.

"Rollerskate Boys" by Catherine Stine: An old shoe warehouse seems like the perfect place for artist Lily to set up a studio. But after moving in, she is tormented by startling clatters in the hall and the ghostly trails of boys on roller skates. When a deadly fire erupts, she's no longer sure of what is real and what's a figment of her nightmares.

"The Torchbearer" by Christine Rains: Sent to a dark crossroads by Hekate's command, Desma must listen to the words of a handsome prophet whose ominous message mystifies her as much as he captivates her.

"In Plain Sight" by Angela Brown: Kazel and Amandine are best friends with their own little secrets to hide. When a boring study session at the library comes to a screeching halt, it forces them to put all their cards on the table and into plain sight. Readers of Neverlove and Frailties of the Bond will enjoy the return to the Shadow Jumpers and NEO worlds.

"Demon in the Basement" by River Fairchild: A man returns to his childhood home, determined to destroy the evil residing within it... or die trying.

There is still time to enter to win this awesome book along with many other great prizes here at:

Monday, October 24, 2016

Release Announcement - Native Shifter by Cindy Borgne

by Cindy Borgne


Native Shifter is a paranormal romance set during the American Revolution.

Leotie values her freedom and peaceful life with her tribe more than anything. However, the outlanders want more and more of their land. They are given the ultimatum to leave their home or die. Soon the Mahasi are going to war with an unpredictable enemy. Leotie wasn’t born to stay home and string beads. She’s a hunter and a warrior who gets a chance to defend her people, but what she doesn’t know is that a powerful shifter is watching her. He’s about to turn her world upside down.

Keme is a native young man who believes he’s a coward. He’s nothing like his father the great war chief. Everyone knows him as the one who ran from battle. Secretly, he trains to be a healer. He tries to warn his people that going to war with the outlanders will end in many deaths, but only a few will listen. He wants to make Leotie his life-bond, but with his reputation how can he ask her?

Visit the author's website for more information, request a free review e-book, or to join the author's newsletter to be notified of this release.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bookish Nail Polish and a Good Cause

Hello wonderful people. 

Today I am doing a feature for another sponsor for our current giveaway 

This one is for an Etsy vendor that sells vegan friendly cosmetics and has absolutely fabulous bookish themed colors along with a lot of other awesome themes like Doctor Who and video game related colors.

This shop is of course, A'dor Beauty Supplies

They are currently offering, you the viewer, this exclusive Coupon Code: BOOKISH - use this code in your cart at checkout to get 10% off during the duration of the contest! 

Bookish Polish:

They sell Harry Potter inspired colors: Griffin, Hufflepuffle, Slither, Raventalon
This is the bundle you can win in the contest! Or you can purchase it with this set (or mix it up) with a choice of colors bundle

Fan of the Fae? Check out this colection:

Many goodies for gamers as well: 

Health Potion and Mana Potion nail polish

Not to mention an entire collection of League of Legends inspired colors. 

And many goodies for Doctor Who fans! 

Gorgeous TARDIS blue nail polish

Now for the Good Cause

A'dor Beauty Supplies, as a vegan-friendly animal-loving company would also like me to use this opportunity to share with you this great charity that offers free spaying and neutering of pets to low income areas. The Basic Needs Foundation has helped their family get all the feral cats fixed in their neighborhood.

They have a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise money to get more animals fixed. 
If this is something you are interested in, you can find that campaign here.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

BOOK MAIL - Dizzy in Durango by D.R. Ransdell

It's taken me too long to post this particular book mail but as it gets closer to the top of the pile I'm getting really excited to read it! 

At long last... Tah dah! 

Dizzy in Durango 

by D.R. Ransdell

Dizzy in Durango is another Andy Veracruz Mystery, this series can be read out of order. :)

D.R. Ransdell is an amazing author, that is why I am so psyched to read this novel! If you love mysteries you should check out my review of another one of her novels: Island Casualty. Island Casualty is such an immersive, realistic and beautiful read that it won Book of the Month July, 2016

Here is the Description for Dizzy in Durango:

 Dizzy in Durango An Andy Veracruz Mystery Missing women, abandoned children, and a crazy mariachi fan add up to further trouble for Andy Veracruz. After a fellow traveler disappears, he can’t concentrate on vacationing. Worse, he’s saddled with two children who aren’t his, an angry would-be girlfriend, and a self-appointed younger brother who is more reckless than he is. No wonder he starts seeing double!

Author Links:

Official Site

Books by D.R. Ransdell Amazon links:

Mariachi Murder
Island Casualty
Dizzy in Durango

And remember, you could win a SIGNED copy of this book at 

A Bookish Halloween Giveaway Contest!

My review for Dizzy in Durango is just around the corner, stay tuned!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Release Announcement - Configured (YA Dystopian)

New release today, Oct. 20, 2016

by Jenetta Penner

Description off Amazon:

In the future, love will make you a traitor.

120 years after a virus decimated earth’s population the survivors thrive in safety, away from the death and destruction of the Outerbounds. But there is a price. Divided into three levels of intellect, Citizens focus solely on duty. Emotions are pointless, even dangerous.

Due to her advanced intelligence, seventeen-year-old computer genius, Avlyn Lark was separated from her twin brother at birth and raised by adoptive parents. She gained privilege, the ideal future. He dies. Avlyn barely knew him yet remains bound to his memory.

But following a string of rebel intrusions on the city, Avlyn receives a cryptic message. After which, she begins seeing visions of her dead twin, not to mention a strange power she doesn't understand starts to emerge. The mysterious radical who urges Avlyn to join their fight becomes her link to answers. Freedom. Love.

Opportunity calls, but if she says yes will she lose it all?

Configured is the first novel in a Configured trilogy that poses the question: does humanity need love for survival? Fans of Divergent, Matched, and the Maze Runner will love this world of dark secrets, intrigue and thirst for a better tomorrow.

Buy Configured today to read a YA Dystopian/Light Romance that will leave you wanting more!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood (REVIEW)

Free Story - Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood

Newfangled Fairy Tales 

Author: Timothy Tocher
Editor: Bruce Lansky
Category: Children's Book (Non-Illustrated)
Suitable for: All ages
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 20

Description: Hilarious twist on a old tale. The Big Bad Wolf has conned his way into a food stealing scheme. In this tale Red doesn't need a huntsmen to save her, only her phone and a quick call to the authorities. Worry not, no grandmas are eaten.

In Short: This book is a quick fun read that I think children will really enjoy reading. It also makes a good bedtime story for younger kids. At only 20 pages it a very fast read and a good length to entertain. For anyone of any age who likes fairy tales and a good short story this is a great book to pick up, for free!

Pros: This book is very fun and enjoyable to read. I laughed out loud when reading the note Grandma left for Red. I think both parents and children will enjoy reading this book together. I loved all the characters, the heroes and the villains alike. I actually grew quite attached to the wolves and was a little disappointed that their elaborate scam wasn't paying off in the end! This book even though it is so short it manages some great morals for children. It teaches that crime doesn't pay, don't talk to strangers, don't steal and don't scam people!

Cons: I have no issues with this book.

Parent's Guide: This book contains no horror, no eating of old ladies and no violence. Safe for all ages.

Free on Amazon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Release Announcement: Serenity by Craig A. Hart

Recently released: Suspense Thriller: 

by Craig A. Hart 

A woman dies in his arms...a drug dealer offers him $10,000...a gunman is determined to kill him. And then everything goes to hell. 

Shelby Alexander is an aging ex-boxer and retired fixer, whose activities often flirt with the wrong side of the law. Looking for a little peace and a slower pace of life, he moves to Serenity, the small Michigan town where he grew up. But trouble follows men like Shelby, and he finds himself embroiled in an underworld of drugs and violence that may prove to be his undoing.

The first book in the new Shelby Alexander Thriller Series, Serenity is an action-packed read with a lovingly rendered cast, witty dialogue, and a main character who doesn't know when to quit.

If you don't have Kindle Unlimited yet you are missing out on tons of free books! Try your free trial today: Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial  

This post contains affiliate links directed to Amazon.

Monday, October 17, 2016

BOOK MAIL! Author Teresa Marotta

Woohoo! It's book mail time! I'm so incredibly excited about this new collection of goodies from Teresa Marotta!

This book haul includes the following books. Click on the images for more info on Amazon.

My Father's Daughter

The Grave Tracker 
To be released soon: Nov. 1, 2016

Pregnant Women's Weird Cravings Cookbook!
This is a humorous collection of unusual food combinations that pregnant women have craved. 

I've already been flipping through "Pregnant Women's Weird Cravings Cookbook" and it is quite humorous. Not gonna lie, I'm going to try some of these 'meal ideas.' They don't all look awful and some I'm just plain curious about. 
There is also a legit recipe in the back, a family recipe for spaghetti, that I am most certainly going to try! 

My Name is Shybo

Also by Teresa Marotta aka Teresa Brown:

Adoption Records Handbook

This highly rated book is a resource to help people find their birth families or other missing relatives.

Kanine Koolers

Included in my book mail was bookmarks for the author, and her daughter's startup: Kanine Koolers. As a dog owner myself I thought this was really interesting and decided to share it with you. You can visit their site here: Kanine Koolers to see the health benefits of this treat. If you would like to help support this startup you can donate here: IndieGoGo

Stay tuned for my reviews!