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Author Spotlight - Michelle Areaux

Hello Everyone. Today, I am spotlighting author Michelle Areaux

If you are a fan of YA novels and love ghost stories you are in luck!

Michelle Areaux has written a series (currently 3 books) about a teen girl named Sadie who can see ghosts! Driven by a strong sense of justice she makes it her mission to solve their murders and reveal the truth of past events. 

Book 1: 

Wicked Cries

For 16-year-old Sadie Sanders dealing with the dead is growing tiresome, especially when they expect her to play messenger to the afterlife.

Up until recently, Sadie had been able to juggle her double life without anyone detecting she was not only an average high school student, but a messenger to the dead as well. When Sadie's dad decides to move the family to Salem, Massachusetts, Sadie wondered if the move would be the fresh start she needed to leave her old, wicked life behind and become a normal high school girl.

Only Sadie was wrong, dead wrong. Once in Salem, Sadie finds a hidden journal from Elizabeth, a once persecuted witch who documented the last few days of her terrifying life. Desperately wanting to push the journal aside and begin her new life, Sadie finds herself haunted by Elizabeth, but this time is different.

Book 2: 

Wicked Lies

Sadie Sanders believed her life couldn’t get any worse when her parents moved her from sunny California, to gloomy Salem, Massachusetts. Of course Sadie was wrong, dead wrong.

After a dangerous and almost deadly first year in Salem, Sadie’s parents decided to send her away for the summer to visit her Aunt Morgan in the small town of Nicholasville, Kentucky.

Seeking normalcy from her twisted life, Sadie hoped her stay in the small Kentucky town would be the break she needed from her paranormal obligations and a way for her to escape the demons that haunted her. Of course, Sadie was wrong.

Unfortunately for Sadie, her job as messenger to the dead never stops, not even for summer vacation. Soon after arriving in Nicholasville, Sadie discovers a murder that has been haunting the town for centuries. Refusing to ignore the injustice of what she uncovers, Sadie sets off on another wild adventure.

In Wicked Lies, Book Two of the Wicked Cries Series, Sadie's quest for justice just may be the one thing that finally ends her career as a messenger to the dead; and her life.

Book 3:

Wicked Truths

Death seems to follow seventeen year old Sadie Sanders everywhere she goes–literally. As a mediator to the dead, she must constantly face fighting demons and the occasional angry dead girl.

After a dangerous and almost deadly first year in Salem, Sadie’s parents decided to send her away for the summer to visit her Aunt Morgan in the small town of Nicholasville, Kentucky. After uncovering a murder hidden for centuries, she embarked on a deadly mission to solve the crime while trying to enjoy her summer vacation.

Now back in Salem, Sadie has found another hidden secret in the wicked town. Secret underground tunnels are hidden under the streets of Salem, beckoning to those with wicked souls. When Sadie encounters a ghost named Laura roaming the streets of Salem, she and her friends Noah and Lucy must uncover the clues leading to Laura’s death, which is made even more complicated by the fact that Laura has no memory about her life or death. To make matters worse, Sadie must also track down the person who has been sending her threatening messages in an effort to stop her mission for justice.

In Wicked Truths, the third instalment of the Wicked Cries series, Sadie learns that some secrets are meant to stay dead, for the truth, once it has been uncovered, may be wickeder than she could have ever imagined.

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Also by Michelle Areaux, and Free for Kindle Unlimited:


For 17-year-old Hallie Romano, living the life of a princess was great, until her entire world was transformed by four simple words; do you trust me? Now, after witnessing a brutal murder carried out by a prominent mob boss, Hallie has to make a decision. Should she trust Jackson, her gorgeous lifelong friend or stay behind and deal with the implications of what she witnessed? Hallie finds herself haunted by the crimes she witnessed as she flees in search of safety and freedom. Hallie seeks normalcy in a twisted game of chase as she and Jackson uncover they are being hunted. Traveling around the world to exotic locations, Hallie and Jackson encounter numerous obstacles and dangerous situations. But for Hallie, the most difficult obstacle to overcome is her growing attraction to Jackson. Can Hallie push aside her feelings for Jackson? Can Jackson continue pretending he isn’t in love with Hallie? Can they make a new life for themselves? Or worse, can they can protect themselves?

About the Author:

Michelle Areaux was born and raised in Nicholasville, Kentucky where she currently resides with her husband Anthony and two sons, Connor and Cooper.

Michelle attended the University of Kentucky where she earned her Bachelors in English Education and Asbury University where she earned a Masters in Secondary English Literacy. Currently, she works as a middle school language arts teacher in Lexington, Kentucky.

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