Friday, October 28, 2016

275+ Halloween Jokes (REVIEW)

275+ Halloween Jokes

Author: Johnny B. Laughing
Category: Children's Joke Book
Suitable for: All ages
My Rating: 3 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 55

            This is a joke book for kids that contains 275 Halloween themed jokes. They are broken up into categories: Monsters, Frankenstein, Vampires, Ghosts, and Witches. The jokes are mostly puns. Some of the jokes are cute or funny but many of them aren't very funny or don't make sense. There are only a few grammar errors and repeat jokes. I found this book for free and I think it's worth getting for your kid to see if they will like it and maybe like the humor of the author who has many other joke books as well. Children who love pun style jokes will probably like this book. If you check the Amazon listing you can read a few sample jokes. I'll include an Amazon affiliate link at the bottom of this post so that you can see the current price and find more information on Amazon. Overall I think the jokes in the book are hit or miss and children will probably have mixed opinions of them. The jokes are clean and in my opinion safe for all ages.

I'll post examples of a joke I liked and another one I didn't like to give you a feel for the overall style of the book.

"Q: What is big and hairy and goes beep, beep, beep?
A: A monster in a traffic jam."

"Q: What is a monster's favorite society?
A: Consumer's Association."

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