Sunday, October 2, 2016

Book Spotlight - A Can of Worms by Wayne Zurl

Recently released, Sept. 27, 2016:

(A Sam Jenkins Mystery Book 6)

by Wayne Zurl


Against his better judgment, Police Chief Sam Jenkins hires Dallas Finchum, nephew of local corrupt politicians.

Now, Finchum is accused of a rape that occurred when he attended college three years earlier.

The young man claims his innocence, but while investigating, Jenkins uncovers corruption in the local sheriff’s department, evidence that detectives mishandled the investigation and the loss of the entire case file. Sam meets one of the most distasteful characters of his career, a PI named Telford Bone, who claims to represent young Finchum. Trouble is, no one knows who hired the man.

False accusations, scandal, and extortion threaten to ruin Jenkins’ reputation and marriage unless he drops the investigation.

Based on real police incidents



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