Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween + New Horror Release

Happy Halloween!

Released today, 

by: Lindsey Williams, Katherine Bryant, Bartholomew Aloiscious, R.G. Westerman, Stacy Overby, Juliet Meredith, T.S. Dickerson, Sarah Buhrman, Nelda Kai Dahl 

A brand new horror anthology starring female protagonists.

Full description off Amazon:

The world is full of horrors if you’re a woman. Vengeful spirits, crazy cowboys, homicidal hillbillies, the grossest case of post-partum depression ever, possessed stuffed animals, and a demented Poseidon – to name a few. So what’s a girl to do?

Well, get this book for starters. Then try not to lose your marbles (or your lunch) as you go about your business after reading some of the most mind-bending horror around. Then you can share all the gory details with your fellow horror fans, if you think they can handle it.

Just remember, always keep it Twisted.

This tragic tome includes 13 tales of terror from some of the hottest new names in the game:

Fountain of Youth
Rancho Viejo
Bringing Baby Home
Scavenger Hunt
Taste So Good
Blackpool Quarry
The Spectre
Karma Incarnate
Freeze Burned
Mirror Mirror
A Strange End

*Not for readers under 18*

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