Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bloodwalker (REVIEW) & Release Announcement

Released today, Oct. 4, 2016!



Author: L.X. Cain
Category: Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Supernatural, Suspense, Thriller, NA, Urban Fantasy
Suitable for: Adults
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format Read for Review: ARC
Pages: 284

Description: As a circus moves through Europe a child vanishes from each city they stop in. A self-proclaimed monster and disfigured former strongman, Rurik notices the connection and is forced to investigate his own circus family to prevent any more children from going missing. A young bloodwalker woman, Sylvie, is trying to start a new life but in the process finds herself caught up in the danger, and being hunted by the very people Rurik is after. This is a story of 2 underdog protagonists that struggle to save the day and eventually discover how special they really are.

In Short: If you like urban fantasies, with a mix of supernatural and horror elements and an underlying mystery you will love this book. The story is exciting, unique and very fun to read. There is some gore but not the worst I have read. There is violence, blood and some mutilated bodies are found, just a heads up in case that is a non-starter for you.

Pros: The story follows two different characters in different places who only sometimes overlap but at other times they are experiencing parallel events. The dramatic irony is that they both have seen things and have information that the other could use. This book is very well written and told in a very artistic manner. The setting of this book is really unique, the story has a historical gothic feel to it but it's set in modern times. The culture of the Bloodwalkers is really fascinating. The passages of the 'Bloodwalker's Book' that begin some chapters were really entertaining and even a bit amusing to me, making them a nice reprieve as the book became darker. The story takes a lot of exciting twists, and is very scary at times. For me this book has a dark sense of humor with ironic twists of fate that couldn't help but summon evil chuckles from me. The character development is spectacular. There are a few characters (I wont give away any spoilers but,) they undergo such a wild transformation by the end and you see their true natures. You also get to watch a lot of relationships develop and evolve in a very natural way. The conclusion was also really awesome. It is a perfect stand-alone book, everything is wonderfully resolved in the end.

Cons: I have no notable issues with this book.

Parent's Guide and Trigger Warnings: Violence, blood, gore, and murder of adults, children (the act is not seen) and animals (the act is not seen). NO sexual content. I didn't notice any swearing.

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