Sunday, March 31, 2013

Haunted by Gena Showalter (REVIEW) After Moonrise - Part 2


Author: Gena Showalter
Category: Supernatural Thriller
Suitable for: Adults Only
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review:  Kindle
Pages: Approx. 184

After Moonrise is made up of 2 short stories: Possessed by P.C. Cast and Haunted by Gena Showalter. Both novellas are set in the same world and centered around a Psychic Detective type of agency called After Moonrise. This review is for Haunted.

Description: An artist goes to her neighbor who is a detective for help because she thinks she witnessed a murder. The detective and the artist are both experiencing blackouts and work together to figure out what they are forgetting.

In Short: This novella is much darker than the other After Moonrise story, Possessed. It is full of twists and turns and makes for a chilling read. Just when you think the mystery is solved the story takes an unexpected turn and you realize it isn’t over yet. If you decide to read this book prepare yourself for a lot of drama sadness.

Pros: This book has a really surprising and heart breaking story. I thought this book was very well written. The characters were very well flushed out especially considering the length of this novella. I really liked the strong heroine and the valiant hero. I thought the romance was believable and well done. I also appreciated that though the story is very dark and about a serial torturer and killer it wasn’t overly gory.

Cons: This was a pretty good book but now that I know about all the little surprises I don’t think I would want to reread it in the future. I generally don’t like books to be too sad and this one was pretty sad and didn’t have a heart warming ending that maybe would have helped eased the sadness. There were a few scenes that I didn’t care for but I wont go into detail because of spoilers. Both of the After Moonrise stories had sort of bittersweet endings that some will find happy and others not so much. 

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