Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Forever Fae by L.P. Dover (REVIEW)

Forever Fae

Author: L.P. Dover
Category: Fantasy (Fae)
Suitable for: 17+
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 356

Description: The Princess of the Summer Court and the Prince of the Winter Court are destined to come together and change the land of the Fae forever. But will they succeed or will the darkness win in the end?

In Short: This is a very ‘cute’ story set in the beautiful land of the fae. This book has a lot of the key elements I look for in a good book; conflict, love, betrayal, good, evil and action. This story reads to me as more of a YA story but there is quite a bit of swearing and one sex scene toward the end so some parents may not find it suitable for teens. 

I found it interesting how the story is told through different people’s perspectives and though I enjoyed getting a slightly larger view of the story and getting to know the characters better it was a little bit redundant seeing the same scenes repeated from different points of view. I wouldn't consider this a pro or a con because I think different readers will have different opinions on it. I would say overall I got more enjoyment out of the multiple perspectives and the redundant bits were easily dismissed

Pros: Wonderful setting. The great descriptions really draw you into the fae world and make you wish you could stay there forever. The story is interesting. This book is well written with minimal typos. There is a lot of action and never a dull moment. This story is part of a series and has a sequel however this book still has a complete story with a solid conclusion. I look forward to reading the sequel (Betrayals of Spring) to get the rest of the bigger story.

Cons: This story was a bit short and the plot seemed rushed. The conflicts were resolved very quickly and easily. Because there is nothing stopping the couple from falling in love and they fall in love instantly so you don’t really feel the depth of their love for each other. I generally like books to be “fast paced” but this one was just a little too fast paced to the point where it made the events less believable.   

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