Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dizzy in Durango (REVIEW)

Dizzy in Durango

Andy Veracruz Mystery #3 

Author: D.R. Ransdell
Category: Murder Mystery Suspense Thriller
Suitable for: 17+*
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Paperback copy from the Author
Pages: 214

Description: Set in both Mexico and Arizona this story takes a while ride that begins with good ol' Andy watching a woman's bag for her. When she disappears and he is left holding her mysterious bag he is unwittingly thrown into another adventure looking for two missing women. The mystery takes deadly turns and Andy and his friends find themselves trying to not only find the missing women but also reunite stolen children with their family all while avoiding a very dangerous and powerful person.

In Short: This is a great series for mystery novel lovers. I found "Dizzy in Durango" to be more of a suspenseful thriller than the previous book. If you are looking for a very well written series with realistic characters look no further. Enjoy a good mystery while watching the slow natural development of Andy and Rachel's relationship and Andy's professional journey as a musician.

Another stunning tale by D.R. Ransdell.

Pros: Even though these books are part of a series they can be read alone! I read book 2, "IslandCasualty" before this one and absolutely loved it! It was also our Book of theMonth in July! That book gave me the background on Rachel and Andy and their relationship but pertinent details from past books are explained in this story, so you wont miss out. Although these books are all stand-alones if the series appeals to you, read it in order, you wont regret it! The story in this book was very different from "Island Casualty", showing that Andy's life is absolutely full of crazy twists and turns. The poor guy can't seem to go anywhere without murder following him. But it isn't all madness and peril for him! In this installment he auditions for a symphony and makes plans to start a life closer to his friend, lover and could-be-something-more, Rachel.

These books are incredibly detailed. Every setting is so well described that you feel like you are actually there. The cultures of the people in these places are also well highlighted. In this story you see a spotlight shone onto Machismo culture.    

Cons: I have no notable issues with this book. 

*Parent's Guide: Murder, gun violence, some language, alcohol, and brief sexual content.

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