Monday, March 28, 2016

Debut Author Shaan Ranae (GUEST POST)

First of all, I wanted to thank O.D. Book Reviews for allowing me to barge in on their blog and also for helping me announce the release of my debut novel, A Minor Happy Ending. Three years in the making and it's finally here. I'm so excited to share Dyllan and Jace’s story. When I first set out to write AMHE (A Minor Happy Ending), I was almost to the point of addiction with reading. My genre of choice is Romance, almost every kind of romance. As a romance junkie, I decided that I had a few good stories under my belt, but I wasn't sure about the whole writing thing. I had to reeducate myself, but I'm still learning. Always learning. Friends at work proofread and gave me their own personal reviews which in turn gave me the confidence to continue with the publishing process. I utilized editors and formatters to help me on my journey as well as sending annoying emails to so many bloggers begging for a review, if not a release day post. I will achieve my first goal to publish on March 26th, but my main goal is that if I can at least help one reader escape for a few hours and they feel satisfied after reading my book, then I'm happy.

The story…………….

Jace & Dyllan have a unique relationship, hot, loving, and playful. Both Jace and Dyllan can be jealous and insecure. Both are hot tempered, but sweet at the same time. Dyllan blurts everything that enters her brain and Jace never says enough. It's a story of firsts. As Dyllan attempts to navigate through her first summer of adulthood, she's planning for summer fun, but is forced to make adult decisions. Her journey has its drama, comedy, and of course love. It is suggested only for readers above the age of 18 due to adult language and scenes. The F-bomb may be used some.


"Is it a gooooood dream?" He continued as he wiggled his eyebrows up and down. I shook my head and feigned disappointment and quickly retorted,
"Yep, I was dreaming of those blue eyes of yours!" He smiled and nodded. "That sexy crooked smile!" I said and his smile began to grow showing pearly white teeth. "And we can't forget my favorite part, babe." He looked at me with pride on his face. I knew he thought I was going to talk about his man parts! Gosh, even my Jace couldn't get over his man parts. It must’ve been a guy thing. I continued further, "and your big, no that doesn't do it justice, your huge..." I could tell he was on the edge of his seat waiting for the ultimate compliment.
"Ego!" His gorgeous blue eyes widened in surprise and an ornery smile displayed. He jutted his nose towards the ceiling and huffed in feign disgust. He replied with a devilish smile on his face as we pulled into my driveway, "Ego, huh? Well well well!" Something was about to happen and I wasn't quite sure what he had up his sleeve, but I would be keeping my eye on him. I reached for the door and he was quick to match my actions. I ran for the front porch to evade the
retaliation for my smart ass comment, but I forgot that I couldn't run and I failed at my half brained attempt to out-run someone who was in better shape than me. He caught me quickly by the waist and tackled me to the ground. His hands reached up and began to assault each muscle that rested between my ribs. I was in a fit of giggles to the point that I began snorting at fairly loud decibels.

I hope you enjoyed the little piece of their world. Thank you in advance for helping me live out my dream! 💕💕💕💕

Currently writing three new stories, A Happily Ever After, a follow up novella for AMHE. Also started a story for one of the main characters in AMHE, but it may ruin the story to tell you now. 😂 Then one that just came to me one night that I'm pretty excited about.

Thanks for reading

Shaan Ranae

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