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Q&A with India R Adams

Q&A with Author: India R Adams

Hello Everyone! I am excited today to be chatting with India R Adams the author of 'Blue Waters' which I recently reviewed here. Blue Waters is a YA Romance novel with a thoroughly exciting plot. Soon I will be reading for review the sequel Black Waters. If this is a genre you are interested in, pick up the book and we'll read it together! 

India R Adams
How did you get started on your writing journey?
​             By accident. I've been through a lot throughout my childhood, so, as an adult, I started reading self help books. A wonderful journey in itself that eventually led me to writing. I finished a complex book and was completely intrigued about the possibility of reenacting (in your mind) ​a part of your life. Giving it a different outcome to find some closure and healing. The next morning when I woke, I experimented​ with this notion​. It was quiet. Everyone still sleeping while I laid in bed reliving a memory. As I rewrote my history, I began writing Serenity.​ After a few drafts, she took a life of her own and has become quite the story.

What inspired the Tainted Waters series? 
​            Partly, ​my (at the time) seventeen-year-old daughter. She's a pistol. My rebel without a cause... I enjoy her complexity. She's a thinker, a dreamer, a fighter, and a beautiful person.​ The character that was born from this inspiration, Whitney, took shape of her own and told me her story.


How do you meet such challenging deadlines? 
            Blue Waters​ and Black Waters are my novellas to date. The rest of all my books are novels and epic novels. Presently, Serenity sits at 130,000 words. She's a massive novel that was written eight years ago. Over the years, she's become a 4 book series and a beta's favorite. Challenging deadlines have been with preparing and enduring 2 novellas and 4 novels (including Rain and Serenity—my biggest books) in editing—all at the same time. But, I got an idea in my head to offer fans the beginning of several series to see which one they enjoy most. So, I've been working crazy hours to make this happen between November 2015 and April 2016. Whichever series receives the most responses, will determine which book I released next. ​

What has your writing schedule been like? 
​            For the past 8 years, I write (or rewrite)​ for approximately 10 to 12 hours a day. Hours vary, depending on when the house is quiet or what stage the book is in. Creating a story, headphones are my best friend. Sometimes I pull all nighters because my brain is spitting out scenes like the 4th of July fireworks! Rewrites and editing take silence for me. 

The characters in Blue Waters were so charming and I thought their friendships were so touching. How do you create such great characters? 
​            First of all, thank you for the compliment. Very sweet of you. I get asked this question a lot, and I'm still not completely sure of the answer. Other than these characters seeming so real to me, I believe it's a combination of things. I've been fortunate to have some great friends throughout my life. I taught theater and believe understanding your character helps​ bring them to life. And I simply love banter. I find it very entertaining in books and in real life. 

Blue Waters was an emotional ride full of shocking plot points. What can we expect in Black Waters? 
​            O​h, Black Waters . When I think of this novella I can't help but smile. It wasn't supposed to even exist! Blue Waters was written to be my free giveaway in exchange for my email newsletter subscription (which it still is). I never expected the response and love I am receiving for this novella. So, what can you expect? Answers. Answers that shocked me as I wrote them. I cried many times writing this sequel. Two characters (you already know well) stole my heart. I loved them before, now I ADORE them. I won't say more and give away any spoilers but positive responses from betas has the third installment, Red Waters, already in the works. If fans want Red Waters in a hurry, I'm hoping they will let me know so I push it to the top of my list:)​ Maybe we could start a #redwatersmustbe ? lol! Don't forget, a review of Blue Waters on Amazon or any online retailer, gets you Black Waters for free. Just contact me through my website so we can confirm. Then we will email you your eBook. Yay!

Besides the Tainted Waters series do you have any other projects planned? 
​            My Wolf and Me is the next book I'm releasing. This stand alone novel will be available on April 26th (pre-sale within weeks). Then, on March 31st, I'm releasing the first NA novel of the Haunted Roads series, Steal Me . Steal Me is already available for pre-sale. This will be followed by the first release of A Stranger in the Woods, Rain another NA novel. The last scheduled book is Serenity the first YA novel of the Forever series, and will be released July 26th. If your readers want to sign up for my newsletter, they will receive discounts on jewelry deigned for characters of my books, and for the awareness of human trafficking/sexual slavery. Yes, I'm always trying to find ways to empower perfect imperfections.

What advice could you give to young people who hope to someday become writers as well?
​             Do it because you love it—not for money. Write, stay open minded, learn from your critics but don't be influenced to turn away from the love of expressing yourself through story. Keep writing (you'll get better), read, and learn your craft. And most importantly, never stop dreaming. If I had, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Thank you so much for listening to me! Hope to hear from you all soon!

My Wolf and Me - Release Date: Apr. 26, 2016

Their love was innocent.
Their friendship was pure. 
Their fear was real. 
Their danger was true.

When little Marlena is left to care for an abandoned wolf pup, her parents see their irrevocable bond, and this humble family embarks on an adventure trying to care for the needs of a rapidly growing wolf, and the needs of their headstrong daughter. The comical complications of such a venture only darken when Marlena, now a high school student, witnesses her wolf shift… into a young man. 

Steal Me - Release Date: May. 31, 2016

“Some relationships have hidden truths that few can survive. Only us strong ones can dare listen to, and have the balls to stay and bear witness to, the result of irrevocable damages. So tell me, Maverick, are you one of the strong?”

Maverick, unfortunately, is well aware of Tucker’s meaning. Mav has recently lost his father, his mother is slipping into a depression, and his little sister is in desperate need of a parental figure. But now he’s losing his heart to Tucker’s mysterious sister, Delilah. As Maverick squints into the sun, looking at the beauty standing in front of the lake, he wonders if his heart is crazy for begging him to take on yet another tragedy. 

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