Monday, August 21, 2017

Released Today - Mary Poser

The recipe for a warm and humorous story…

In a modest bowl of Nashville, gently place a girl who is Country music, Bible belt, and a Steakhouse foodie.
Then add a surprise portion of exotic and handsome Anglo Indian, who is a passionate Bollywood director, vegetarian and Hindu.
Stir vigorously on a bed of intense attraction.
At first, the ingredients will seem to clash and separate.
Keep stirring…
Include a dollop of jealous boyfriend and a meddling mother.
Splash in a serve of fun and mischievous friends.
Keep stirring…
Add a dash of crazy aunt and a minister father to keep the flavors working together.
Sprinkle in even more complicated family members to taste.
Cook on high emotions.
The secret ingredient that cuts through the sweetness is a final layer of shocking revelation that adds a surprising depth of flavor.
Finish with a twist of ‘Oh My God! Is she really going to do that?'.

Serve as tasty bite-size chapters in a novel dish of mayhem and madness  with a side of Country music and Bollywood dancing.

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