Sunday, June 18, 2017

Merch now available! #Writerslife #Readerslife

Hello awesome viewer,

Do you remember that spooky tome I designed for the Halloween giveaway contest
Probably not, but that's OK! Anywhoos, I'm happy to share that it is now a sticker

I've recently discovered a very cool site for designing 
custom shirts, mugs, totes and more! 

I plan to fill it up with more and more fun bookish stuff 
so if you share my passion for books, and I'm sure you do, check it out! 

I will be purchasing the clothes for myself but it would make me 
immensely happy to not be the only one in the world wearing it! 
It would also help me personally because I desperately need a new car,
you know the kind that run. I appreciate your time, viewership and support of my blog!

This is the first 'shirt graphic' that I have designed.
I drew it up using a wacom tablet and ArtRage Lite software.
This was a very frustrating yet educational experience and I am quite proud of the outcome!

"Who needs looks when you have books!"
Men's & Unisex Tees and Tanks
Women's Tees and Tanks
Totes, Stickers and more Shirt options.

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