Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Gamer Girl (REVIEW)


Gamer Girl

Author: Glynis Astie
Category: Romatic Comedy, Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance
Suitable for: 17+
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle copy provided by the author in return for my honest review.
Pages: 330

Description: Meri is a shy, socially awkward twenty-something with very few friends and a passion for video games. She works for a video game company as an assistant to a total diva of a game designer. She performs miracles keeping him happy while also striving toward her own dream of having her video game created. This busy work-life on top of her gaming habit don't leave her much time for dating. Not that she would want to seeing how her past relationship ended. Enter Morgan, the dreamiest of delivery boys and flirting with little ol' her? Will she be able to let down her guard and fall in love? Will she find love in her online gaming world? Read it to find out!

In Short: This is a very sweet, funny and entertaining romantic comedy. If you love video games this book will be of special interest to you because it shares with you not only her real life, but her fantasy in-game life (which is a story all its own.) The story and characters are very special and far more complex than your standard romance novel. I recommend this to fans of contemporary romance.

Pros: I have so much good to say about this book. You may have been hearing me talk about it a lot over the past month, because this was a really great book that I was really excited about. I really get this book and it really works for me. The characters are wonderfully developed and complex, the storyline is awesome, the romance is beautiful, and the ending was incredible. I thought I had it the story all figured out all along but there was a nice little surprise for me at the end. Meri's family, as endearing as they are, are SO overbearing. If they were my family they would drive me insane. One aspect I really enjoyed about this book was the overlap of her real life and game life. Each chapter started with a section in italics that described the story going on in her regular gaming as well as the in-game personas of the people she is playing with. The game world had its own epic story with plenty of conflict, suspense, and possibly even a little romance. The This book is well written, enjoyable to read, fast paced and full of action.   

Cons: I have no notable issues with this book. There were only a couple minor typos that editing missed but nothing distracting.  

Parent's Guide: Overall pretty clean book for a romance but there is obviously some degree of sexual content, and some language. No violence and not "erotica."

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