Saturday, July 30, 2016

Free Books and Awesome Author Newsletters

Hey there. Today I have an exciting treat for you, free books

I am a big fan of author newsletters and I am subscribed to quite a few myself. Today I will be listing some extra special newsletter signups that will grant you free books. This is a great way to discover amazing authors. You sign up with your e-mail and the books get sent to your inbox, it's that easy. 

Also, stick around to the end of this post where I will link to some free books you can snag for your Kindle friendly device with handy dandy Amazon affiliate links. If you don't have a Kindle fear not you can get the app for free on your phone or tablet. I personally enjoy reading on my iPad and my mom, D, reads on her Paperwhite

Newsletters that come with FREE books:

Jeff Chapman 
Variety of genres from historical fiction, to horror to fantasy.

Demelza Carlton
Sign up for this one for a big pile of Paranormal/Fantasy Romance novels.

Vered Ehsani
Paranormal set in Africa

Rebecca Hamilton
Paranormal & Steampunk Romance

D. F. Bailey

Jerica MacMillan
NA/Contemporary Romance

Graeme Ing
Get a highly rated Dark Fantasy novel

Uncle Amon
Children's Books

Iain Rob Wright
5 free Horror novels!

Israel Finn

*New additions 8/10

Laci Paige 

Emily Kimelman
Mystery, Urban Fantasy starter library

And here are some free Kindle books. Click the images to grab them off Amazon. 

Dark Short Stories

YA Drama/Romance

Children's Books

Crime Thriller                     Zombie Horror

Box Sets of the Paranormal variety Currently Free

If you are curious about how you can read these free books here is more info on the Kindle free reading app: - Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

Now that you are all stocked up on books don't forget this mug, you'll need it ;)

If you know of any great authors comment with the URL so I can check them out and sign up for their newsletters as well! If you enjoyed this post consider following my blog for more like this, as well as honest reviews and even giveaway contests! I'm also on Twitter

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