Sunday, June 12, 2016

Spying on the Boss by Janet Lee Nye (REVIEW)

Spying on the Boss

Author: Janet Lee Nye
Category: Harlequin Superromance
Suitable for: 17+
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle mobi from the author.
Pages: 384

Description: Sadie had a troubled childhood but as an adult she has built a successful cleaning business, with employees that have become her family. Her business model is attractive men cleaning houses! Wyatt, a private investigator is sent undercover to get a job at her cleaning company and investigate potential illegal activity. Two people meeting under the least convenient circumstances, with tons of baggage but an undeniable attraction are in for a struggle if romance can prevail.

In Short: This is a wonderful real-world contemporary romance novel. The story is great, paced perfectly and takes you on a realistic, emotional ride, that has you truly believing the characters and their love is real. If you are looking for a book with a sweet love story and a satisfying ending I highly recommend this.

Pros: Firstly, I love that Sadie is the boss. She also has such great ethics that her seemingly sketchy business model, of attractive guys cleaning houses, comes across as very professional and respectable. The men in the book are great guys. They are hard workers and masculine without being chauvinistic. This book proves that romance novels do not need overbearing chauvinistic men! Another great quality of this book is the organic love story. You can clearly see why the characters fall for each other, what they find so special about one another. But it isn't that easy, they each have their own baggage that makes it difficult for them to connect. Besides the love story there are many other feel-good themes that will bring a smile to your face including, family and The American Dream. This book is well written and edited. It is a third person point of view that let's you follow each character easily. There is a wonderful mix of sad, tender moments, and also humor. As I read the book I was constantly curious and excited to see what will happen next.

Cons: I have no issues with this book.

Parent's Guide: Brief sexual references.

 I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest review.  

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