Monday, March 18, 2013

Guest Post by Author Mark Williams

Today I have the honor of introducing a guest blogger. 
The Following is a post by the Debut Author: Mark Williams

The Advantages Of Writing               
            I believe, as well as most of the American populace, that writing is very advantageous. For me personally, I can vouch for it. It relaxes me, tranquilizes me and acts to take my mind (momentarily) at least off of other things going on in life and around me. Among other things, for instance, writing is educational and informative.
            When I attended a community college-several years back, taking a course in anthropology and another in computers-I was surprised by how much that writing was implemented in the classroom, still and how important it continually still was. Just as much as I was assigned to study, and how I was assigned to study the computer-its programs, and its methods of storing information, I was also subjected to writing-diligent writing, in order to begin to understand the class which I had enrolled myself in. As for my computer class, fortunately, writing was not an intrinsic part of it-which involved more-so, minor discussions. As the outcome and (I personally think) because of the level of my writing skills at the time, I received a high grade in the Anthropology class and a very low marking in the computer class. I personally believe if my writing skills, at that time, had not been refurbished, then I would not have done much better in the Anthropology class.
            Since then, however, I have gotten better at writing and have come to enjoy and respect it more. I've come to view writing, more, as entertainment and not so much as a task to be absolved or completed. Therefore, I conclude, writing can either be an advantage, or disadvantage. It can either be a gateway into unlocking doors of information or either be a gateway locking you in from that information. 


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