Friday, November 18, 2016

Freebie! Free Nov. 18-22 Haunted Visions (REVIEW)

Free book alert! 

For a limited time, from Nov. 18 - Nov. 22, 2016 you can get 
Pacific Cove - Haunted Visions by J.E. Grace for free!


Pacific Cove: Haunted Visions

Author: J. E. Grace
Category: Christian Fiction, Mystery, Ghosts, Suspense, Romance
Suitable for: Pre-teens+
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 93

Description: This short story is about a woman named Naomi that suffers a great
loss. After moving to a farm with her husband she begins to have disturbing visions.
Scared and not knowing what to do she confides in her husband who takes her to a
doctor. Not even the medication can chase away the ghost.

In Short: This is a short ghost story that has great characters and is set in a beautiful
scenery. I love the ending! If you like a good clean ghost story/mystery check this one out.

Pros: This books has very likable characters and the setting made me want to live there.

Cons: The only time I give a book a five star rating is when it's a book that I just can't put
down. This book didn't do that for me. Other then that I had no notable issues with this

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