Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Haematemesis (REVIEW)


How One Man Overcame a Fear of Things Medical and Learned to Navigate His Way Around Hospital


Author: Henry G. Sheppard
Category: Short Story, Medical, Comedy
Suitable for: teens+
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 69

Description: This is a short story about a man with cancer who after becoming more ill from the treatments found himself spending an awful lot of time in a large teaching hospital.    

In Short: A mix of sadness, hope and humor, this book takes an honest look at medical care and makes for a quick and entertaining read. I would suggest this book to a variety of people. If you like humor, short stories, have experience with disease or cancer, or know someone who has, you'll probably find this story very interesting. If you have no experience at all with illness or the medical system then this book will be a great, enlightening read.   

Pros: As an intern at a large teaching hospital this book really grabbed my attention. In this short story you see how hospital regulations set in place to protect the patients as well as themselves legally result in robbing the patient of their independence. I noticed throughout the story that if there had been better communication on the part of the staff this process would have been smoother for the patient. The protagonist is a very sympathetic and likable character. You can't help wishing the best for him and getting angry at the way he is being treated at times. The protagonist makes the story and his positivity is inspiring. I loved the bit about the pink purse, that was too funny.

Cons: I wish this book would have had a little more in it, maybe more humor as well.

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