Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Banishment by M.C. Beaton (REVIEW)

The Banishment  

The First Volume of The Daughters of Mannerling

Authors: M.C. Beaton/Marion Chesney
Category: Historical Fiction/Historical Romance
Suitable for: Teens and up
My Rating: 5 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle 
Pages: 208

This is the first book of The Daughters of Mannerling series by Marion Chesney. I will be reading and reviewing the entire series. Check back for the rest of the reviews.

Description: Six girls live with their parents in the Mannerling mansion. They were raised to be snobbish and haughtiest. This book is about the eldest sister, Isabella who is having trouble finding a husband. After her family looses their estate they conspire to get it back by having Isabella seduce the right man.

In Short: Reading this book you will find yourself transported to Regency England in a story with so many exciting plot developments. The main character though initially snobby has noticeable potential for growth and you are anxious for her to find true love and have her own happily ever after. Marion Chesney’s books are always full of scheming and subterfuge with characters that will do whatever it takes to get what they want. If you like historical fictions or romances you will love this book.

Pros: I loved this story! The plot took a lot of interesting twists and turns. It was incredibly fast paced and fun to read. I really cheered for the main character who becomes increasingly likable as the book moves along. The love story is very believable and he doesn't love her just for her beauty. This book is very well written and the descriptions truly take you back in time.

Cons: I had no issues with this book. 

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