Monday, April 15, 2013

No Way Out (Scary Short Stories) Free Children's Book for Kindle

 No Way Out  
And Other Scary Short Stories 

By MJ Ware

            If you are looking for some spooky stories for children that are not too scary you should check out this book. You can find it on amazon here. It is currently free. Put this on your kindle to keep your kids entertained on long car rides and during other boring times.

            It is a total of about 60 pages and is comprised of various spooky stories featuring monsters, zombies, aliens and more. Below I will give a spoiler free description of the stories and my general impression of them. 

No Way Out
            This is the first short story in the book and my least favorite. I don't know how much children would enjoy it. The characters are pretty annoying, the story was irritating and I didn't like the ending. I really didn't like the bit about the cat. I think if you read this story to your child they will bug you to find out how it ends because what happens to the characters in the end isn't clear. I'm sure the ending was designed to be scary and dramatic but I don't think kids will see it that way. They'll just want to know what happens next. This story was definitely skip-able but the rest of the book was actually really good. 

The Price of Friendship
            This is one of my favorite short stories in this collection. Its a pretty interesting twist on making deals with demons that I think kids would find entertaining. It makes for a fun quick read and isn't scary so it could be told as a bedtime story. 

Hobgoblin Horror
            This story was one of the scarier of the collection. Being a monster story this probably wouldn't be the best one to read to a small child before bed. It's about a creature that will kill you if you see it. It's slightly gory. This is a pretty entertaining read that I think many kids would like. 

Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb (Extended Preview)
            This is a 5 chapter sample of a full length book. This was definitely my favorite story. As a child I LOVED goosebumps books and I know I would have loved reading this zombie book. Its about a couple kids that find themselves the sole survivors of a zombie outbreak in their town. Its full of action, danger and humor. It's scary but not too scary. After reading this your child will probably want the full book which is currently $2.99 for the kindle edition and can be found here

Zack & Zoey's Alien Apocalypse (Preview)
            This is another preview of a full length book. This story is about aliens that like to eat fat people. Its pretty humorous and I think small children will really love that it also has pictures in it. Out of all the stories included in the book No Way Out - And Other Scary Short Stories this one is probably geared for the youngest age group. I think children would find this story a little scary and exciting to read. The full length version of this book is currently only $0.99 for the kindle version at Amazon and can be found here


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