Sunday, December 18, 2016

Free Book Dec 18 to Dec 23

Snag this #Christfic for FREE 
from today, Dec. 18 to Dec. 23rd

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Pacific Cove: Testament of Faith
by J.E. Grace

A series of devastating events will test Jason and Naomi's strength, faith, and their hope for the future. Can they endure the hardships?

Through their own personal loss and that of their friends, they learn to lean on one another when all hope seems lost. Out of sorrow will come healing and out of healing great joy.

This is a story of struggle, grief, and loss, but also one of victory.

You can also get the first book in the series here:

Is Naomi being tormented by her own inner demons or some new type of ghostly visions that haunt the Pacific Cove Ranch? Can she survive or will they drive her mad?

Can she convince her family that she isn’t just grieving for her sister, but that these ghosts are trying to tell her about a secret she is supposed to discover? Will she figure it out and prove to her family she isn’t imagining things?

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