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Abiku: A Battle of Gods (REVIEW)

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Released Today, Sept. 16, 2016:

Abiku: A Battle of Gods 

Author: Elizabeth Salawu
Category: Paranormal Erotica
Suitable for: Adults only
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: ARC
Pages: 61

Description: A young biracial woman named Dayo gets herself into a unique situation when she finds herself married to a Thunder God. While already in a long distance relationship with a mortal she didn't think there was any harm in fooling around with a mysterious man in her dreams. Little did she know, she wasn't dreaming.

In Short: This book is written in the format of Dayo writing a letter. She is a humorous and entertaining character who tells her story in a quick manor, but without leaving out any graphic details. This book will be appealing to those who like erotic novels that also have elements of myth and magic.

Pros: I read a pre-edited version of this book and thought it was still pretty well written. Only a few typos that I'm sure will get taken care of before release. The way Dayo talks is very comical to me, she is incredibly animated and has funny perspectives on things. I think the humorous language of the book is one of the big perks of it. I like the way Dayo says, "anyhoos" after she finds herself babbling. Some of the phrasing and 'Pidgin English' was entertaining. At first I had a hard time following the dialogue but there was a very thorough glossary in the back!

The plot is very fast paced and even if I didn't agree with Dayo's actions I was along for the ride. She really got herself into a pickle as a result of only thinking with her 'jajaina'. After the shit hit the fan there was the most shocking yet agreeable plot twist at the end. Dayo's fate is left untold but the possibilities are intriguing and that is where the second book will come in I imagine.

The paranormal aspects and learning the meaning of "Abiku" was fun for me. I actually would have liked to see more of that, or have it drawn out longer. The ending was really exciting, where you get to see the powers and realm of the Gods.   

Now, if you like your erotica to have a lot of variety in it you won't be disappointed with this one. It certainly isn't vanilla and the scenes aren't redundant.

Cons: Because of the short "message in a bottle" style of the book we miss out on some character development and detailed settings. I would have liked to see the setting better, because I have never been to Nigeria. I also at times had trouble understanding Dayo. She falls into bed easily and cheats on a seemingly great guy. The sex scenes were very fast paced and based completely on lust with very little emotions. Some parts I didn't understand what was going on.

Parent's Guide: This is definitely an adult only book. There is graphic sex, drug use, and some violence.

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