Saturday, July 16, 2016

49 Excuses for Not Tidying Your Bedroom (REVIEW)

49 Excuses for Not Tidying Your Bedroom

Author: James Warwood
  Category: Children's Book - Comedy (Illustrated)
  Suitable for: all ages, ideal for age 10+
  My Rating: 3.5 Stars
  Format Read for Review: Kindle
  Pages: 64

Description: This book is a list of 49 wacky excuses for kids who don't want to clean their rooms. It is a humor book with a cute image for each excuse.

In Short: This book is non-educational and has no lesson or moral. It is just for entertainment purposes. The writing of the book makes it ideal for ages 10+. Some of the words and phrases may be too difficult for younger kids. Each 'excuse' is a silly joke and this book will be well received by children who favor joke-books.  

Pros: The art that goes along with each excuse is really cute and funny. Some of the excuses were really creative and silly. A few of my favorite excuses I think make this book worth getting. This book is currently free for the Amazon Kindle version so it is a great way to see if your child likes this author's humor. 

Cons: Some of the excuses didn't really make that much sense and some weren't all that funny. Even with my childish sense of humor there were no audible laughs while reading unfortunately. I like children's books to have a moral/lesson/happy ending but I felt that instead this one was pushing the boundary between teaching creativity and compulsive lying. There were some typos, it could use a little editing.  

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