Sunday, February 23, 2014

Buried Secrets (REVIEW)

Buried Secrets

Author:  Brandi Salazar
Category: Murder Mystery
Suitable for: Teens and up
My Rating: 4 Stars
Format Read for Review: Kindle
Pages: 214

Description: In a small town four girls go missing. A teenage boys name James moves back to his home town only to find that his life has taken a troubling twist. He finds himself talking to ghosts. James suspects that his best friend has murdered the four girls only to find himself being arrested for the crimes.

In Short: I enjoyed this book. This book has so much in it. It takes you through so many twist and turns. It is hard to put down.

Pros: It's packed with action from the beginning to the end. It's easy to put yourself in the setting. The characters are well developed and likable except for the parents.

Cons: About half way through the book I figured out who the murderer was but this didn't ruin the ending.

You can get the kindle edition of this book for $2.99 (currently) on Amazon. Find it here

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