Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shara and the Haunted Village by Jeffrey Getzin (REVIEW)

Shara and the Haunted Village          

Author:  Jeffrey Getzin
Category: Mystery/Adventure
Suitable for ages:  Young teens to adults
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Pages: 156

Description:  This book is about a woman named Shara that is very down on her luck.  With no money and no job. She accepts an offer that sucks her into a world of danger and adventure. A world with a wizard, demon, ghosts and men that can’t be trusted.  The setting of this book takes place in a ancient, mysterious village. Shara and her companion much find a way out.

In Short:  This book takes you to a haunted village which contains a wizard, a demon and ghosts. You find yourself wondering what is real and what is not while you eagerly read to find out how they get out?

Pros:  This book is an incredibly fascinating read that is full of adventure. I found the characters to be especially unique and wild.

Cons: I sometimes had a hard time visualizing what the author was describing. 

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